Allied Organizations

Physical Science Research Associates 

The mission of Physical Science Research Associates (or PhySciRA) is to develop a world-class K-12 math and science teaching force in the United States and educate students so they’re prepared and confident about their futures. Physics in a Box is the ultimate breakthrough for U.S. education, providing hands-on experiments and ongoing teacher development. Each experiment introduces and nurtures a real-world knowledge of math and science. Students become eager to learn while gaining 21st century skills. The CELab believes the education solutions developed by PhySciRA to be the linchpin to developing the future qualified workforce. 

Circles USA

Circles USA is a 15-year program operating in 23 states that has proven effective at mining talent in traditionally hard-to-employ populations. CE Lab believes that programs like this are going to be required by most communities to supply the workers that they need for their future economy.