Economic Crisis Flash Assessment

 The CELab’s response to COVID-19


Other than staying home, the best thing you can do for your community right now is to scope your response to the increasing economic crisis that is following close behind the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Community Economics Laboratory offers a process that will help any community constructively assess what parts of the economy need the most immediate care. What parts of a community’s economy are most vulnerable to the current crisis? What job loss can be mitigated, and what lost jobs can be recovered? How do we prepare for growth when our economy has reset?

Through its Economic Crisis Flash Assessment, the CELab can help leaders identify and estimate the most at-risk jobs and to approximate the dimensions of the damage to their community. Knowing the threat is the best way to face it. More importantly, through consensus-based deliberation, community leaders will emerge from the Economic Crisis Flash Assessment with a strategy to mitigate further job loss, by prioritizing resources and intervening where doing so will have the greatest impact. 

 For the past decade, the CELab has focused on a top-to-bottom overhaul of the planning and management process communities use to realize their economic ambitions. Using consensus-based deliberation, flash-economic assessment framework and process designed to give community leaders a real time estimate of where they are on the crisis to reset trajectory. 

 Even though we must all stay home to protect our neighbors from this virus, we can actively work to protect our communities from its economic aftereffect. 

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