What is the SoloWorks Job Creation Program?

CELab founder, Mark Lautman published an article in the International Economic Development Council’s Journal on how communities can utilize the increasing globalization of work toward growing their economies using Solowork. Solowork is any work that can be done from home or a remote platform. Lautman describes 5 approaches communities can take in creating economic base jobs in solowork.

The SoloWorks program in Grants, NM has adopted the remote employer approach, building relationships with remote employers nation wide and training local job seekers for placement in remote positions with these companies. The program can generate new economic base jobs faster and at a lower cost than traditional economic development programs and is one of the few program options available to rural communities and regions that lack the assets to compete for traditional attraction and tourism strategies.

What does it cost?

The program has 2 elements to cost. First, $50,000-$100,000 are required for pre-launch program design, setup and testing. This amount is often sourced from a combination of grants and local program support.

Second, the program requires $3,500-$5,000 per job, post-performance once the center is launched. Variation in cost depends on what facilities, program elements, personnel requirements, and job creation output are present.

How do I start a SoloWorks Center in my community?

A community will need the following elements to launch a SoloWorks Center:

  • Support of leadership from economic development, legislative representation, higher education, workforce boards, SBDCs and local business.
  • A time-bound job creation strategy
  • A site available that meets program criteria
  • Candidates for a full time program director
  • A mechanism for continuing program enrollment intake

Click Here for the SoloWorks Center Website

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