The CELab Invention Methodology

The CELab has created a new concept of Economic Architecture. Built on the work of Mark Lautman and others, Economic Architecture’s foundation is that a resilient community’s job creation is dependent on the economy growing faster than its population, E > P.

The building blocks used to create this foundation are Economy Design (EcD) and Workforce Design (WfD).  EcD is used to  make sure that the community has necessary employers to create jobs.  WfD is use to ensure that there are willing, able, qualified workers to fill those jobs.

The CELab focuses on the long term and operates on a four phased continuum with self contained cycles of  Think, Plan, Do.  The first phase is Inquiry to Idea.  The second phase is Idea to Concept.  The third phase is Concept to Product.  The final phase is Product to Scale.